Drakskip: Swedish Folk Musik From Japan

I almost went to this live tonight with Kyoto folk music band Drakskip featuring Tatsushi Toritani... Great to see some Swedish nyckelharpa and violins, with a great beat.

Drakskip is a Japanese band in love with the Scandinavian music, formed in 2006 in Kyoto, Japan.
They perform both traditional and original tunes inspired by Scandinavian traditional music with their own unique sound.
They have performed with famous artists,
LAU, Valkyrien Allstars, FRIGG and Göran Månsson.

They have a decent English website too, click to start listening!

But you could call this a rare match of cultures:

Their drummer Nabe has a uniquely Japanese background in percussion. When he was seven years old he saw the Japanese drum troupe "Kodo" and it so inspired him that he religiously practiced Taiko (Japanese drum). When he was a high school student Nabe spent a year in Tasmania, Australia and during his stay, he was an instructor for the local Taiko group there. His vast experience with Taiko has significantly contributed to Drakskip’s unique sound.

Live from 2011. "Horse Carrying the Sun":


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