Earth Day In Hamamatsu 2014

In conjunction with the day “Earth Day” to think about the global environment of April 20, Earth Day Hamamatsu 2014 will be held in Municipal Enshu Seaside Park.

I like how these guys spent the weekend enjoying music and all kinds of shopping with a focus on organic foods and crafts.

They also went out on the beaches to pick up the kind of garbage - plastics, ropes, all kinds of nets and whatnot - that wash up from the ocean. Image from facebook

Our heavy lifestyle choices are making that kind of dirty impression on our precious planet.

Others who care are celebrating Earth Day in the Seto Uchi, or the Seto Inland Sea, south of Okayama. 

It used to be that you would go to a beach to look for beautiful sea shells.

Now, what you also find, is lots of garbage made of plastic.

Sorry to say, but the footprint we are making on this planet and its oceans is not a pretty picture.

Earth Day is one event that tries to make more people aware.


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