Earth Day In Kagoshima 2014

I could go on and on. Earth Day is such a mainstay of great events in Japan. Give these guys some credit. Another Japan is indeed possible, no, it is already happening. All over the place.

So much good you would have to be hiding under a rather heavy rock to not notice it. As they say, it is more up to you, than the place you happen to be in.

Asahi: Demonstrators turn out in force in Kagoshima to oppose Sendai plant restart

KAGOSHIMA--An estimated 6,000 anti-nuclear activists rallied on March 16 here to protest the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s decision to short-list reactors at the Sendai nuclear power plant for safety screenings--a prelude to their restart.

Go with the flow and you will notice there is a new movement happening.

Earth Day Kagoshima

Balance by Kagoshima native Nakamura Tetsuro

Facebook Earth Day Kagoshima


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