Want To Grow Your Own Veggies In Tokyo...?

...Here is one place that will let you get started. PARC in Nerima is a Free School that has some land and people that can lend you a hand.

They do it the Japanese way, but hey, that's why we are here, right?

All organic or at least no pesticides, and the rest is up to you!

Shiroishi-sensei's family has been growing veggies here in Oizumicho, Nerima for 300 years or so.

Groups meet on Saturdays at 10 AM and get basic training before heading out to their own plots.

You get to grow your choice of some 30 different veggies during the four seasons during the one year course. They also offer optional rice planting for those so inclined. Sign up now for next year!

PARC (Pacific Asia Reseach Center) Freedom School was founded in 1982. More details here (J) and they are also looking for volunteers to translate and help out as interns.

PARC is a non-profit organization committed in international social and economic justice. Since 1973, we have been working with a variety of people's movements in Japan to facilitate development of solidarity links with people in struggle in countries mainly in Asian Pacific region. Currently we have more than 750 active members who support our activities. PARC has diverse activities such as advocacy, publishing monthly magazine and booklets, producing educational videos, research, documentation, organizing international conferences and symposiums, and an educational institution. Our activities are guided by our belief in the power of people and to create a better and more humane world.

This Youtube video (J) will give you a glimpse of what to expect...:


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