How Monsanto's Glyphosate Kills Farmers

Great documentary, it made me cry. I fought so hard 20 years ago to tell the story of Monsanto's crimes and especially the massive use of glyphosate (Roundup) and its links to cancer. Did my newspaper articles and blogs and consumer activism make any difference?

What I tried to convey, was that all the toxicology data was on the active ingredient only, and not on the final product (Roundup) that people use. When you add the other chemicals to glyphosate, and spray that product, you get risks. Rules at national levels go with the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius rules. At such meetings I attended back then, the ignorance of what this company was pulling off was staggering. On the other hand, I was asked, "Could you make a better rule?"

Unless we eat organic, this is how most of our food gets made.

Australian ABC made the video, do spread the message.

Now that German Bayer owns Monsanto, expect things to get better, anyone?


Pandabonium said…
I've been buying organic oats for a while now - after I discovered that in America Roundup is being prayed on conventionally grown oat crops just prior to harvest to keep weeds down (even though the crops themselves are not genetically modified). So unless you specifically buy organically grown oats, you may get surprisingly high amounts of glyphosate in your oats or oat based cereal. This is important to me especially because I eat oatmeal every day. I find it particularly disturbing that cereals commonly given to children and even babies - such as Cheerios - have been found to contain glyphosate.

Fortune carried an article about this in August of this year:
Martin J Frid said…
P, great comment, thanks.

The spraying on conventionally grown crops, like oat, was a huge surprise to me. The farmers do it to "dry" the crops uni-formally, while they are still on the soil, in the field. You could argue that the crops all die at the same time. Then time to harvest. Much easier for the farmer who has used glyphosate and set a date to that. All part of the large-scale farming (using GPS) to tell the tractor driver exactly where he is. Farmer = Tractor Driver, hooked up to GPS and what else.
Again Wilder said…
Anyone or anything that promotes clearcut style death should be suspect, imo. I think Bayer was duped into buying round-up, whishfully thinking they're pharmaceutical portfolio will outweigh (i.e. Profit from) the inevitable death throes that glyphosate will wreak on people.

Did my newspaper articles and blogs and consumer activism make any difference?

You bet they did!

The good news is that many people will escape this unfortunate phenomenon.


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