Watercolor Sketch from Kanazawa and more

Mateusz Urban... now wait, can that really be his name? This young Polish illustrator and painter has some cool ideas about how people in Japan ought to plan their housing... He also draws Tokyo landscapes from what I suppose are different income classes.

His Tokyo at Night series is amazing too.

Where do you want to live? We should all press our politicians and city planners and architects - and especially the private companies - for affordable sustainable development, and some places just get it about right.




Pandabonium said…
IMHO (that's a joke), Big Cities like Tokyo are an inhuman nightmare. I can't stand to be in one for more than a few hours. The area around me - about 90 km from Tokyo - is nice, but must certainly have been better half a century ago - before road building became a national pastime (and political scam).

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