Planet Diversity Anti-GMO Protest In Nagoya: Photos

Over 1,000 people participated in the Planet Diversity parade on October 15, 2010 in Nagoya. More people attended this event than two years ago in Bonn, Germany.

Planet Diversity

2 years ago, during the COP9 MOP4 negotiations, the Planet Diversity Parade had some 700 participants.

Here in Japan, activists, farmers, consumers, kids, invited guests from Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Sweden ... A wonderful march throught he busy streets of Nagoya, under intense police protection, with front-page newspaper coverage.

Seems to me that the push for healthy, organic foods, farming without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, by farmers who care about biological diversity, rejecting patents on seeds, is gaining some tremendous momentum around the world.

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Tom O said…
Fantastic blog/s about Nagoya etc but in my iken its the two - only - photos of our protagonist that make the deal. Sure, we know you were there but so were less important people from governments and parties from vested interests. Less people in every sense, ne.
Tom O said…
Regarding the comment about the parade and those who attended, fair play - but Nagoya is a big big city, surely THE most non-nature/satoyama urban place in the country. That aside maybe `Nagoya` will truly make a difference, far more than than `Copenhagen` did. Good media/press coverage less we forget, esp from NHK. Good Day Sunshine.
Barbro Kalla said…
Swedish news are today talking about success. How successful was the meeting and to whom? What happened with MOP5?
Martin J Frid said…
Tom, thanks for the comment, I should remove the offending photos asap ;)

Nagoya as a city was actually a pleasant surprise, huge park in the central area where we held the Planet Diversity event on Oct 10 was also popular with young bands and people with guitars at night. Totally different mood from Tokyo.

The Guardian has had excellent coverage from COP10 as well.

Barbro, your question I will have to answer in a separate post as soon as I get a chance.
Pandabonium said…
Fearless Leader! Thank you for the pics.

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