Sada Masashi: Reserved Tickets

I'm going on a big trip (again) tomorrow, September 11. Starting in Nara, then to Koya-san in Wakayama prefecture, a temple area with 1,000 years of history. Just called them today to ask if the typhoon had any impact, but they were OK.

Remember that post I did about incense from Koya-san?

Incense From Mt Koya, Kyoto

Incense is a fragrant stick or powder, lit and let burn or rather glow to give your room a special atmosphere. It is often used at temples, and has since ancient times played an important role in Buddhism, for example at Mt Koya in Japan, in the Kii Mountain Range in Wakayama prefecture south of Osaka and Kyoto.

Here I found a most wonderful shop, called Koyasan Daisido, selling many kinds of incense for different types of ceremonies. They also display fragrant wood from various countries in Asia, including Vietnam, which are increasingly rare and difficult to find.

I do these trips to learn more about the country I reside in.

After this, I go to Korea for the first world congress in Asia of the organic farming movement. Light blogging ahead? If you are so lucky, maybe there will be a post or two.

Here is 指定券 Shitekiken (Return Ticket) by Sada Masashi, a singer song-writer born in Nagasaki 1952.

Sometimes it feels like destiny has it all worked out. And you thought you knew it all! I'm learning a lot, every day. Hope you also feel like that, dear readers of this old Kurashi/Kurushii blog... The more I learn, the less I pretend I know.

Pandabonium has a nice post about staying at a temple shukubo at Koya-san:

Of the 117 temples in Koyasan, 53 offer lodgings to visitors. These are called "shukubo" and may include two meals a day and morning sutra chanting. Food is strictly vegetarian. This way of cooking is called Shōjin Ryori, and was brought to Japan with Buddhism. Much more than just vegetarian cooking, it literally means to cook in a way that leads one to enlightenment.

Bonus: Sakimori no Uta

防人の詩 An Ode by an Ancient Japanese Coast Guard

Is the sea mortal...? Is the human heart mortal...? Must everything including my beloved home country... pass away?


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