TPP - New York Times Gets It Wrong, Again

As I'm up late on Saturday night, Sunday morning, waiting for possibly any development from the Atlanta round of negotiations, I access the New York Times.
They have no particular update at this late hour. These talks were supposed to be the last effort by Wednesday. But I'm more disturbed by the sponsor, Syngenta, that appears all over the NYT website. Tonight, it was not what I expected. The Swiss corporation is known for its abuses all over the world. So, now, the NYT is supported by that GMO and pesticide and neonic producing company to provide us with news about the enormous trade deal here in the Pacific?

As I have previously noted here on this humble blog, why do we want a trade pact that allows for more sales of large cars, more milk and more meat, at the same times making it more difficult for countries to regulate medicines?

Isn't this a contradiction in terms? 

Shoko Uhida at PARC has the latest updates in Japanese, with more over at @emi_mumemo

NYT: Fueling Hope ???

Peter Maybarduk, director of a program of the social advocacy group Public Citizen that seeks to expand global access to medicines, called the language put forth by the United States “an illusion, not an improvement. It is a repackaging of the same harmful idea already rejected by many countries.”

Groups of protesters continued on Friday to try to interrupt the closed-door meetings throughout the hotel, shouting “No T.P.P.! No Secrecy!” At least two women were handcuffed and dragged away by security officials.


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