WHO And Meat Causing Cancer? Reaction In Japan!

Japanese media reacted on the huge news, from the Lancet study, showing that processed meat can cause cancer. Yomiuri Shinbun, that faithful defender of industry and the silliest ideas from these islands, together with huge ads for "health drinks" and all kinds of un-scientific fads, really, have you seen how page after page are half ads, half "articles" supporting the ads... It had this about the story, but only on its Internet page, not in its printed pages:

Yomiuri Shinbun: 加工肉に「発がん性認定」…WHO外部組織

("Processed meat can cause cancer ... according to WHO advisory body)

So anyway, all media sources here did cover the WHO story.

TBS said, 加工肉に「発がん性あり」、過剰摂取に注意呼びかけ 

("Over-consumption of processed meat can lead to cancer)

while Sankei News noted that ソーセージやベーコンは大腸ガンになるリスク WHO調査結果発表

("Sausage and bacon are risk factor for large bowel cancer, according to the WHO study").

The Mainichi also carried the story:  国際がん研究機関:「ベーコンなど加工肉に発がん性」

("International cancer institute says: "Bacon and other processed meats can cause cancer")

Interesting to compare how the BBC covered the news:

Dr Teresa Norat, one of the advisors to the WHO report and from Imperial College London, said there were many factors causing bowel cancer. She told BBC News website: "People should limit consumption of red meat and avoid consuming processed meat, but they should also have a diet rich in fibre, from fruit and vegetables and maintain an adequate body weight throughout life and limit the consumption of alcohol and be physically active."


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