Tea Museum

I had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Tea Museum in Daikanyama, near Shibuya in Tokyo. My friend David Kilburn invited me to his shop, which was recently featured in Hanako, a trendy magazine. They note that his teas, that you can only buy here, are drawing on cultural traditions from areas such as the Himalayas and Egypt.

David let me try his special Shezmu blend with very subtle, warm and dreamy notes, reminding me of the way some flowers have a more intense fragrance in the evening. Many of his unique blends are organic, although tea is a complex affair, and Tea Museum is already on the expensive side, so I understand that he may not want to go through the additional process of getting organic certification at this point. You will find some exquisite teas here, the perfect gift.

The Tokyo Afternoon Tea Club will hold an event at the Tea Museum on Sunday October 28th. Organised by Richard Mort, this event is open to members of the public, subject to space availability.


Pandabonium said…
That's wonderful. I am partial to more basic teas, but have enjoyed some more complex blends - especially when eating out.
Unknown said…
I am trying to contact David Kilburn who is an old friend from Tokyo who I lost track of. Can someone please send me his email address so I can re-establish contact? Thanks joelsilverstein@cox.net

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