Monday, July 07, 2008

G8 Summit: Will They Act On Climate Change?

What do you think - should the United States wait until China and India also decide to do something about climate change?

On measures against global warming, which are a focal point of the G8 summit, US president George W Bush met with Japan's prime minister Yasuo Fukuda today on Sunday. The two leaders agreed to cooperate in making progress, including setting up long-term targets, according to NHK World. Mr Fukuda said the two countries' opinions are getting closer, and he does not think the United States is losing sight of its direction.

Mr Bush responded that he wants to act in a constructive way, but said he is a "pragmatist" and noted that the issue will not be resolved unless China and India share what the United States is being urged to do.

If the G8 countries will not act, who will? Who can afford to cut emissions and respond to the energy crisis? Who is ready to propose alternatives to the lifestyle we are taking for granted in so-called developed countries?

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Emmy said...

Hej Martin!

Jag heter Emmy och jobbar på P3, Sveriges Radio.

Vill komma i kontakt med dig angående G8-mötet.

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Pandabonium said...

So they sign on to the same thing that almost 200 countries already agreed to in 1992. And the US will say "oh, well you know this goal is global one, not necessarily OURS. And the self appointed "Mr. Green" leader of the G8, Prime Minister Fukyouduh (can I say that on Kruashi?) says well, you know 50% from a baseline of 1990 is unfair to us because of all the progress we made before that, so we should really be talking about from NOW right?

Why are these 8 people allowed to destroy the planet with the rest of us 6.5 billion people and all the other life forms on it?

What will it take before we all say "enough!"?