Totally Looks Like...

Thanks Mari!

Totally Looks Like...


owenandbenjamin said…
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owenandbenjamin said…
The batfish looks less ugly.

The monkey is a PERFECT likeness of George Bush. However, the monkey is probably smarter. Would have made a better President too.
Anonymous said…
This guy has equaled and surpassed the traffic levels of my site (almost a year old) in less than two weeks!

I ask a A vs B question for a debate where as this is a look-a-like picture, vote, and comment.

My submission numbers have also been amazing as I've had a combination of self submitted and user submitted posts, generally one a day though sometimes more.

I filled up slots for the first year in roughly 4-5 months.

Slots are still open for year two!
Pandabonium said…
That is one happy walrus.

By the way, what's that Chimp's name? I need a good write-in candidate.

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