NHK: Japan Names Six Eco Model Cities

Japan's government has named six "Eco Model Cities" as environmentally friendly model cities and will provide them with financial support. The government chose Yokohama, Kitakyushu, Toyama, Obihiro, Minamata and Shimokawa out of 82 applications for the designation. Applicants presented their ideas to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, the city of Obihiro, in a famous agricultural region called Tokachi in Hokkaido, plans to produce alternative fuel from compost and unused parts of bean plants, and to use waste cooking oil for automobile fuel. Obihiro has set an ambitious target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 50 percent by 2050. Not a day too late.

Yokohama? Why did they make the cut? They plan to offer reduced real estate tax for houses that are more durable and produce less waste materials, so as to promote the building of such houses.

Over at, we think all 82 applications should have gotten the green light.

(Photo from Taku Iida's website)


owenandbenjamin said…
I like this idea. The Unitied States government should do more to encourage cities and people to conserve. Benefits, tax rebates, etc. should be given for building Green Buildings, buying fuel efficient cars, and choosing to use renewable energy such wind or solar.

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