Dugong Sighting off Nago Coast, Okinawa

QAB (Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting) filmed a dugong swimming off the coast of Nago (four kilometers north of Camp Schwab) the morning of May 12.

Don't miss this amazing video that gives us another tangible demonstration of what is at stake in the Okinawan struggle to protect the dugong and other species on this beautiful coast from the proposed military destruction that Peter Galvin compares to an act of war:
Destroying the environmental and social well-being of an area, even in the name of "national or global security" is itself like actively waging warfare against nature and human communities.”
Satoko Norimatsu of Peace Philosophy Centre Blog reports that even with the new method of construction using pilings, which the Japanese government claims has less environmental impact than reclamation, dugong experts are concerned that the feeding area for dugongs will be adversely affected by blocked sunlight and changed sea currents.

The dugong is not only a federally protected national monument of Okinawans, but is also sacred to them. They are said to appear when humans need to be warned.

From Save the Dugong Campaign Center


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