Fair Trade Day

Saturday, May 8 (12:30 to 6:30 pm) is Fair Trade Day at the Marunouchi Building near Tokyo Station.

The Tokyo event is part of two weeks of activities to promote and celebrate Fair Trade being held around the world this month.

Fair Trade fashion pioneer, People Tree, is organising a salon-exhibition on fair trade in India, including a market of free trade goods, a fashion show, Japanese Taiko drum performance, presentations (in Japanese) on Free Trade, and a workshop on creation of fashion accessories.

Entrance charge is ¥1,000. They highly recommend the organic buffet brunch in *Nonobudou*, a delicious Japanese restaurant in the Tokia Building, all you can eat for ¥1,600. (From Delphine Cheng, www.piubio.com)

As part of the events, painter and illustrator Keeda Oikawa did a performance. She is one of the most prominent on the Tokyo art scene with a strong environmental awareness, having done the cover art for the special issue of Elle Loves The Earth in 2008 and many other projects, including record album covers.

I'm so happy to be able to introduce her blog!

Here is a fun video of her painting the Fair Trade Tree:


Tom O said…
Elle magazine - rings a bell somewhere. Pretty sure there is a direct link to Kurashi... ;o)

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