Victory For Okinawa! Koshien High School Baseball

Konan, the baseball team from Okinawa, won big today against Tokaidai in the classic event of summer, the Koshien High School Baseball Tournament. This was Konan's first final, led by top pro prospect pitcher Yosuke Shimabukuro. It is a historic win - the first time a team from Okinawa wins the popular tournament since the start in the 1920s. What a welcome piece of good news for the Okinawans. Congratulations!!
The games all the end the same way. While the winning team celebrates, the losing team is left in a puddle of tears before the players drop to their knees to scoop some of the deep-brown infield dirt into little plastic baggies — a treasured memento for the rest of their lives.

More over at the WSJ blog, Japan’s Boys of Summer Are Back


K and S said…
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