NHK: "COP10 Members At Odds On Bioresources"

Just quoting this as the mighty NHK here in Japan does not provide a record of what they report, and I think bloggers [should][may][must] try to act as a memory of things that happen that we care about:

Member countries of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity remain at odds over how to share benefits derived from biological resources.

A 4-day preparatory meeting ended in the central Japanese city of Nagoya on Saturday without agreement on the contentious issues. The participating countries will continue talks at the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, or COP10, starting on Monday.

The signatory countries were expected to discuss the issue of biological resources, with the goal of setting up international rules and adopting a protocol. They agreed on the less divisive issues.

But they failed to reach a resolution on ways to prevent companies from industrialized nations from using biological resources without developing countries' permission.

They were also unable to agree on how to share the benefits of biological resources.

At Saturday's meeting, the participating countries proposed a draft protocol based on their discussions.

The Canadian chairperson, Tim Hodges, said he regrets that the members failed to reach an agreement on a draft proposal as a whole.

But he said he hopes they can have productive talks at the conference and adopt a protocol in the end.

From: 2010/10/17 NHK World


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