Shinkansen Train Driver - Rare

It is very rare that we get a glimpse of what goes on inside the minds of the people who drive the Shinkansen trains. With English subtitles.


Pandabonium said…
Very nice that someone added subtitles. I love the fact that even on such a high-tech machine the driver carries and uses a pocket watch for managing time!

Kind of a shame that the video quality is so low, though.

We took a Nozomi train to Hiroshima in 2008. Nice ride. Keep those train videos coming. :)
Pandabonium said…
285 Shinkansen services a day. 50 trains between Tokyo and Osaka running at the same time. Boarding and disembarking in two minutes at each stop. Try doing THAT with airplanes!

Tom O said…
All time fave 'omoide' was my first Shinkansen trip to Hirosheema ;o) in August 1990. Maybe still the case but in the restaurant car (uppper) the train speed was shown. Y800 for a curry rice as I remember, a bargain! Blagged into the last 3 innings of the Carp v Hanshin Tigers game, after of course a okonomiyaki!
Tom O said…
I've just started watching this but have to go. Can the words 'Shinkansen/Bullet train' and 'orgasm' go together??

Ima mo, Shinjirarenai.
Pandabonium said…
Tom O - Naughty boy! :) But I think you are right.

I imagine the driver hanging on for dear life and screaming "ahhhhhhh!" as they hurl down the track!

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