BBC: "Hunger Games" In Japan Due To Climate Change And More

The BBC is in Japan for the Climate Change conference in Yokohama, and I was interviewed about food issues and what needs to be happening, soon: Is Japan playing hunger games with climate change?

"...We are facing a crisis unless we do something. I think we need a fundamental change in the minds of consumers," says Martin Frid from the Consumers Union of Japan. "One of the solutions here in Japan is local consumption; local production, where consumers come and help out on the farm and bring their kids."

Nice photo from the BBC website of my good friend and organic farmer Michio Ouzumi in Ibaraki, who contributes in his own original way to inspire and educate!

The Yokohama Climate Change Policy Headquarters has a website called Hope our Earth with this message from Yokohama-born astronaut Satoshi Furukawa:

The Earth as seen from space had an overwhelming presence. I was strongly struck that the Earth was a system keeping a perfect balance, with us humans as one part of that balance. I also felt the importance of air and water. On the space station, what is taken for granted on the Earth must be artificially created. Our Earth is irreplaceable. I invite you to join me and think about what we can do to pass our rich environment onto the next generation.

More details about IPCC reports here.

The large conference is about to release its report tomorrow, and it should be a useful tool to raise awareness about unsustainable lifestyles...


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