Casa Brutus Goes Green

I'm sure it is just my imagination, but when a major Magazine House publication like Casa Brutus suddenly goes all green and promotes veggie farming and herbs and flowers... What is the world coming to? Great to see this happen in 2014, hope it means we are in for more, not less... Although I still promote less consumption, not more, if you know what I mean ;)

Casa Brutus 169

As for their "Complete Botanical Manual" and "Flower Look Book" I guess it is much like how they tell trendy wanna-be people what bag to wear, with what belt, and that special necktie. Only now they also include a garden goods catalog, and inspiration from Kew Garden in London and California, and the awesomeness of botanical gardens in general. And yes, much of it is edible! Plus a couple of pages about Japanese sake...

I could get all emotional here, and ask for an issue about animal rights (avoid leather), or how the drought due to climate change will affect our lifestyles, or why not an in depth look at the biological diversity behind the rice that is used to make sake...

But, I will just say this. If you want change, you go green, and others will follow.

If you do it right.

Love the design, by the way.

Order here.


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