French Twist on Vegetables for Tokyo Locavore

Joan at writes:

A small group of people wearing aprons focus intently on one woman stirring a mixture of flour and water. At first glance she appears to be speaking to the bowl in front of her as she gives instruction on making pasta by hand, but her devotees hang on every word and motion. These locavores in training are getting a dose of DIY: the art of French cooking with Japanese vegetables.
Joan notes that Delphine also teaches students how to use what’s at hand and in season to advantage. The July class centered around zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes. The September classes will feature some of the summer vegetables again – eggplants, cucumbers, and tomatoes – as well as some of the early fall harvest – komatsuna and leeks.

All the vegetables are organic and are sourced from the farm she partners with in Ibaraki-ken or other local growers. The remaining ingredients are organic whenever possible, which lets students know about organic grocers in Tokyo, too.

Le Panier de Piu:

A selected range of organic products delivered straight to your home!

The first English- and French-speaking service of organic fresh vegetables and natural products delivery aimed at the foreign community in Japan.

At any time, order your organic vegetables set and receive it next week, without subcription fee!

With Le Panier de Piu, enjoy:

- HEALTHY PRODUCTS and TRACEABILITY: all vegetables in your basket are grown without the use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer by young farmers in Ibaraki-ken.

For more information about how to order, contact Bio de Piu


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