More Japanese Transition Towns...

The website of NPO Transition Town has links to the activities here in Japan, with local communities thinking about what to do - fossile fuel dependency, local money, food security - and fun.

Last year in December 2009, they did Transition Training in Hayama, a workshop to discuss the issues. There are more of them than I knew, according to the website:
Transition Hub Japan

We have been meeting regularly since June 2008 and gradually making progress.

Go to our official web site in Japanese:

Some of the things that we have accomplished so far are;

* translated the Transition Primer into Japanese
* created a number of presentation material for TT in Japanese
* have done several presentation sessions for the general public
* have developed network with like-minded organizations
* developed Transition Japan website -see above link
* hosted Transition Training as well as the Train-the-Trainer last February/March with Naresh and Sophy.

Some other things that are in the pipeline are;

* applying for a NPO status under Japanese law
* translating the Transition Handbook into Japanese

We have chosen a strategy to initially focus on 3 communities that had nominated themselves to become Transition Town pioneers in Japan. They are Fujino, Hayama and Koganei City. Fujino has become the 100th Official Transition Initiative as announced in Rob Hopkins's blog on 4-September-2008.

Our hub is mainly comprised of representatives from these 3 initiatives at the moment, but we are looking to reconstruct ourselves once we have acquired the NPO status.

The towns currently listed as of September 2010 (with blogs and websites) are:

Fujino, Kanagawa
Koganei, Tokyo
Hayama, Kanagawa
Sagamiko, Kanagawa
Takao, Tokyo
Tsuru, Yamanashi
Kamakura, Kanagawa


Pandabonium said…
Excellent info. Thanks for digging.
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks P, well, I'm hoping to have more to report from these towns. I like how they are doing their homework and it is true that all change starts with that one individual who discovers that all are not allright...

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