Radioactive leak due to earthquake

FUKUSHIMA — Tuesday's magnitude 7.2 quake caused radioactive water to leak within three reactors in Fukushima Prefecture but the radioactivity level was low and the incident did not affect the environment outside the facilities, Tokyo Electric Power Co said Wednesday, according to Kyodo.

Water in pools to store spent nuclear fuel at the reactors was shaken by the quake and entered air ducts about 10 centimeters above the surface, causing a total of 24.5 liters of water to leak onto the floors of the reactor buildings from joints in the ducts.

However, on Aug. 16, TEPCO was reported by Reuters as saying its nuclear power plants in northern Japan were unaffected by the quake.

There is no press release yet on TEPCO's website. It is not acceptable that two days after a big earthquake, Asia's biggest power company still has no information to the public. This is a very serious issue that we have been working on at Japan Offspring Fund, related to the Hamaoka nuclear reactors southwest of Tokyo.

Are you ready when the big earthquake strikes?


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