Soy beans, J-wave and volcanos!

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I did go to Sofa Deli & Cafe in Kamiyacho, central Tokyo today with my Swedish friend Peo. It was soo good! They have great vegetarian food and even some "soy ham" made from non-GMO soy. Good idea!

I asked if the soy was from Hokkaido, because I think it is better to buy local foods if possible. Unfortunately, they think Hokkaido soy beans are too expensive! But many farmers and consumers are starting Soy Trust Movement to promote locally grown Japanese soy. Since 1998, they have been really successful to increase self-sufficiency for domestic soybeans through the cooperation of consumers and producers.

Peo's environmental program is broadcast on J-Wave every Sunday morning. Please listen tomorrow, when Peo and Yuri will report from Miyakejima, the island south of Tokyo that was severely affected by a volcano...

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