MyImpact: Lena Lindahl in Japan

"How can I help Japan - a country I have come to love - to move towards a sustainable future?" – That is what Lena Lindahl asked herself before she started an environmental newsletter in 1997. After years of working for the environment through NGO's and politicians in Japan, Lena thought that she can have the largest impact, when she shows Japanese people what her home country, Sweden, is doing to achieve a role-model function in terms of sustainable development. Apart from writing, Lena organizes more and more exchange trips between the two countries, always including some time to enjoy nature. People need to experience nature first hand, and not only hear and read about what they should take care of and how, she explains.

Enjoy reading part of the discussion about Lena Lindahl’s active life and thoughts on how to improve the situation in Japan here. You can also read more on the website of the Swiss book project called MyImpact. More articles and interviewpartners in Japan here.


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