Red carpet, green cars at the Oscars

Mainichi tells us that Oscar nominees Joaquin Phoenix, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal and Frances McDormand are among those expected to step out of green vehicles and onto the red carpet at the Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday in Los Angeles:

In all, 25 celebrities are participating in the fourth annual "Red Carpet, Green Cars" event sponsored by Toyota Motor Corp. and the environmental organization Global Green USA.

McDormand, Phoenix, Gyllenhaal, Clooney and Jennifer Aniston are all expected to arrive at the Oscars in Toyota or Lexus hybrids, including the Toyota Prius, Lexus RX crossover and a hybrid version of the Toyota Camry, which goes on sale in May.

Event spokeswoman Kathy Kniss said the program began with just four participants in 2002, but interest in fuel-efficient vehicles has grown exponentially since then. The cars are not actually colored green, but are considered environmentally friendly because of their fuel efficiency.

In my opinion, that is one of the best NGO ideas in a very long time. What a clever tactic to make many people aware of the alternatives that are now available. Well done!

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(Photo from Global Green)


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