NHK first in Asia with podcasting?

Today, NHK World has started a podcasting service for its radio news. If you have the equipment, click on the NHK RSS Podcasting button on the NHK Online website. Here is a direct link to the NHK Podcasting list. And this is a blog that is introducing radio and tv podcasting (to Japanese readers).

I think that means NHK is the first news channel in Asia to venture into podcasting. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Meanwhile, NHK says it will strengthen cooperation with other Asian broadcasters in providing information that could reduce damage from natural disasters in the area.

The head of NHK's International Planning and Broadcasting Department, Toshiyuki Sato, was addressing the second-day session on Thursday of the Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction in Seoul, South Korea.

He said that NHK has hosted seminars for other Asian broadcasters on the need for disaster preparedness. He also said NHK has presented the broadcasters free of charge with programs about earthquakes and tsunamis.

More than 200 people from 25 Asian countries are participating in the three-day conference sponsored by Japan, South Korea and the United Nations.


globepodder said…
I tried to send you messages via this "comments". But I failed many times. I'm not good at computer system. So I send you again. Thank you so much for your comments. And I also think that NHK is the first to begin podcasting in Asia.
Lito said…

I was searching for ideas about internet marketing and podcasting. I am amazed how podcasting has now even reached in Asia.

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