Beat the heat

Participants sprinkle water on the ground at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo's Asakusa district Monday in the first of a series of events by citizens' groups to help ease summer heat. The "uchimizu" event will be held at various places, including Osaka and Hiroshima.

31 degrees today in Tokyo, seems the rainy season is ending.

(Photo from The Japan Times)


Pandabonium said…
Yesterday rain, today sunny and warm (not hot). I hope rainy season is ending. Seems too long to me.

When my neighbors tell me "it's hot" I just reply that "no, this is Hawaii weather"!

Love it.
Martin J Frid said…
Here tsuyu started late, so maybe it makes sense that it ends late. I haven't seen anything scientific about it actually. It is one of Japan's seasons, that they insist are four, although "rainy season" clearly qualifies as number 5!

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