Chinese cardboard-filled buns "bogus"?

AFP reports from Beijing that ordinary Chinese are refusing to believe government claims that a recent media report on cardboard-filled meat buns was in fact a hoax. The Chinese government has stated that the televised report was bogus, with the aim to hype the nation's food safety problems. Was it just an attempt to stem the bad publicity over a series of scandals? That is what the official news agency Xinhua says.

AFP even asked a taxi driver, surnamed Liu, what he thought of the matter: He said he cannot believe the news report aired by Beijing TV on July 8 was a fabrication.

BBC noted that Beijing Television made a public apology during its evening news broadcast for the "vile impact on society". Yomiuri/AP says 7 more people have been penalized in China over the story.

Sounds like a classic case of shooting the messenger.

I really don't know what to think of the whole story. I for one will continue to look very carefully for the "Made in China" (中国産) labels, and avoid their stuff for now. Also, if they want to export food they should implement HACCP hygiene systems, apply traceability and strict surveillance.


Pandabonium said…
Most people would be shocked to learn what is LEGALLY allowed to be in processed foods.

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