I like the way people can stay for as long as they want in Tokyo bookshops, browsing, reading magazines, spending a lazy afternoon enjoying the latest...

Definitely a cultural phenomenon that bookshop owners in the rest of the World need to figure out how to introduce.


Pandabonium said…
In the USA, I worked for Borders Bookstores. They are very much into that and where space permits, offer some comfortable chairs, benches, and tables. They even have a cafe at many stores.

It is great for customers of course, but also helps the store to sell mroe and become a social gathering place and bring in more business.
Martin J Frid said…
Good to hear that, thanks for the comment.

Maybe Sweden is the only country where bookshop workers frown on browsing. Swedish convenience shops even has signs telling customers to buy first, and read later. Not nice.

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