My name according to a silly website

My Buddhist name is Bodhisattva Joy Increasing.

What's yours?

By all means, do enter your name on the silly website and see what comes out.

Actually, I do have a Buddhist name, 紹的 (Shoteki), given to me by the Rinzai Zen roshi at the Sogenji temple in Okayama. That was hard training. Waking up 3:40AM every morning to do zazen and cleaning... After that, my life seems easy.

Read more: Shodo Harada Roshi: Nuclear Reactor of Zen (From The His teacher was Yamada Mumon Roshi, head of Hanazono University in Kyoto.


Pandabonium said…
Bodhisattva Ever Many? Hmmm. I think I'll stick with 一心 given to me by Chikai Yosemori, Bishop of Hawaii Honpa Hongwanji.

Coincidentally, we were at Kenchoji in Kamakura yesterday and of course thought of you and your Zen training.
I don't think I could handle it - I'm too soft in both body and mind! :^)
Martin J Frid said…
Paul Simon comes to mind: "Why am I soft in the middle when the rest of my life is so hard..."

You got a great name there, btw.

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