Organic Japanese food hot items in U.K., Europe

The Japan Times has a nice article on the increasing demand for organic Japanese food in Europe. They note that more Europeans "opt for healthier diets".

The Japanese government has also tried to boost the production of organic foods by offering more support (although, as I noted here, they have been very slow!!):

Christopher Dawson, chairman of Clearspring Ltd., says his products have attracted much interest from supermarkets eager to stock his range of Japanese organic produce, which includes teas, noodles, soups and sauces.

Dawson, the only foreigner to receive this year's agriculture ministry award in Tokyo for the overseas promotion of Japanese food, said the demand has been buoyed by TV programs in Britain extolling the virtues of traditional Japanese food.

And, as with British food, consumers are increasingly looking for the organically grown option, free from pesticides and other chemicals.

The Japan Times: Organic Japanese food hot items in U.K., Europe

Popular items include green tea and miso soup, and they also sell sake and ingredients for making sushi. I like their website with an online store. Clearspring, based in west London, even has umeboshi, the pickled plums which I like, but I never considered the possibility that they could be exported. Way to go!


Takeshi Nozawa said…
I'd like to inform you one of eye-opening contest held in Japan.

From July 19th-September 5th 2007, with the aim of curbing global warming as much as possible and keeping the earth "cool", we are calling for ideas from around the world for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Based on the innovative ideas we receive, prototype projects will be conducted in Japan to establish models for reducing emissions. The results of these projects will be reported to the global community in the hope that this will promote further innovation towards reducing CO2 emissions.

Grand prizes winners from abroad will be awarded a portion of travel and accommodation expenses to attend the awards ceremony held in Japan.

If you are interested, please contribute your ideas and support the world for reducing CO2 emmissions!
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks takeshi! That sounds like a very interesting event.

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