Recycling Kockumskranen

When I was a child, the Kockums shipyard in Malmö had the world's biggest gantry crane, which for many years stood as a strange symbol, no longer used, for the city I was born in. The good news is that in 2002, it was sold and dismantled, and shipped to South Korea.

Great pictures (if you are into industrial photography) of how the crane was dismantled in Malmö in September, 2002:

Hyundai Heavy Industries shipped it off to their Offshore Fabrication Yard in Ulsan, South Korea, where they painted it orange and kept on building the big ships that Malmö workers could only dream of. In Korea it us used for the construction of drilling rigs, FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage & Offloading) and other offshore structures.

Recycling? You bet.

And here is the official Hyundai Heavy Industries website with a promotion gallery of photos of huge oil tankers, if that's your thing...


Pandabonium said…
I predict that there will be no shortage of rust in the future.

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