Risk of another big earthquake "too great"

A group of scientists, including Hiromitsu Ino, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, called Tuesday for the closure of the quake-hit Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture. During a news conference they cited the possibility of another huge earthquake in the area:

"This region is right in the middle of the Uetsu-Shinetsu fold zone, an area of particularly high crustal activity in the Japan Sea Eastern Margin Mobile Belt and has many active faults," the group said in a statement released in Tokyo.

The Japan Times: Close Niigata nuclear plant for good: scientists


Pandabonium said…
Not to mention that the lives of many people (not surprisingly in far away lands) will be affected by the continued mining of uranium ore, and that activity itself will contribute to CO2 emissions.

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