Blogs I like: Tokyo Green Space

I added a link to Tokyo Green Space, a great blog I just discovered. Jared Braiterman is a design anthropologist working in urban ecology, clean tech, venture funding, and business innovation. He even gets paid to blog!

Tokyo Green Space: How green spaces make Tokyo a livable city, 東京の小さな緑

Tokyo Green Space examines the potential for micro-green spaces to transform the world’s largest city into an urban forest that supports bio-diversity, the environment, and human community.

Tokyo Green Space examines how corporations and governments can empower ordinary gardeners to improve urban ecology in Tokyo and around the world. Micro green spaces connect people to the environment and to each other. Tokyo Green Space draws from and contributes to questions about public and private space, urban planning, global urbanization and development, public health, bio-diversity, climate change, energy independence, and the environment.

Tokyo Green Space will include a year of fieldwork with ordinary Tokyo gardeners, interviews with city and ward urban planners, real estate companies, construction companies, multinational corporations, architects, landscape designers, environmental non-profits, garden societies, educators, scientists, and a wide range of urban futurists.


Anonymous said…
Hi Martin, Thank you for mentioning my blog. You have written some great posts, and I referred to Kurashi recently on Tokyo Green Space:

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