Organic Cotton Jeans For Xmas - Muji and H&M Leading The Way

Muji, the Japanese no-brand brand offers pesticide-free jeans made from organically produced cotton. Their bedlinens and other stuff are also made from 100 per cent certified Fairtrade and/or organic cotton.

Muji joins H&M, the Swedish chain, to answer the call from aware consumers who want to know what they are buying - both companies are leaders in the garment industry, with shops all over the world. OK, I don't like multi-national brands so much, but when they do make an effort, they deserve praise. It is fantastic that Muji is now making organic cotton available all over Japan. At Muji stores, you can find items made from organic cotton: no pesticides, non-GMO, and generally a much better feeling.

Certified organic means farmers and processors are following rules that are subject to inspections and checks by independent organizations: You know that you get what you pay for.

Muji Women's Regular Organic Denim Jeans

Muji Mens Regular Organic Denim Jeans

Muji Organic Inner Wear

Over at Japan's H&M, they publish CSR reports, with ambitious data. Do click through the icons (note the "Green is the new black" and "No to child labour" contents), in English.

Watch the H&M CSR Film (English, with Japanese subtitles) - good information about how the company deals with dangerous substances in the production chain, and the H&M requirements. If you don't care about what you buy, don't bother, but it is good to see that some companies are making such effort:

"The list includes several hundres of substances. Some of the chemicals is [sic] not really relevant for our consumers, but are very dangerous for the factory workers. They can be cancerogenic, or harmful for the neurological system. That's why we have them on our list. To ensure that our suppliers comply with the chemical restrictions, first of all they need to sign the Chemical Restrictions Compliance Commitment, where they agree to comply with the restrictions... We are doing a lot of follow up. We are educating our suppliers, we are also testing a lot of production samples. Should we find something in our products, we can, and will, cancel and stop that product." - H&M video


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