Akasaka State Guest House In Tokyo

I may be going to this on Sunday...


Rarely open to the public, I always wondered what it was like. A neo-baroque building and gardens from 1909 in the middle of Tokyo.

The Main Entrance is overlooked by a balcony; above runs a patina-green roof adorned on either side by representations of Japanese helmet and armor. In the center right below the roof is an insignia bearing the Imperial chrysanthemum design.

Marble from Italy, France and Norway (!) according to the official website.

Halls are also inspired by themes from Noh theatre, such as the Hagoromo-mo-Ma.

The name Hagoromo-mo-Ma comes from the imposing 300 squre meters painting on the ceiling, which depicts scenes from the Noh play "Hagoromo" (Robe of Heaven). The three chandeliers in this room are the most gorgeous ones in the Palace. Each chandelier is composed by 7,000 pieces, three meters in height and weighting 800 kilograms. The walls are decorated with stucco relief of musical instruments and scores. On the mezzanine floor is an orchestra gallery which reminds us of the days when it was originally designed as a ballroom.
Today this room is mainly used for welcoming ceremonies in case of unfavorable weather, as well as receptions and conferences. When an official banquet is held at the Kacho-no-Ma, beverages are served to the guests in this room before and after the dinner.

Also known as the Akasaka Palace.

Asahi-no-ma means the "Room of the Rising Sun" no less. One cannot but help to think of a certain tune from the 1960s...


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