Earth Garden Tokyo Tataku

Big event this weekend - a festival for the future, with Taiko drumming in Tokyo (thus the tataku, hitting theme) Don Don!

Do visit with info about artists, music, food and talk show presentations. Plus the unexpected. We are so lucky to live in a peaceful part of the world. Let's make sure it stays that way. Project Fukushima is attending too, very unhappy with how they are being treated. But this weekend the focus is on bringing the message to people.

This is all about people who have been doing a lot to make this happen. (J) (J) (J)

Festival for Future connects central Tokyo with Tohoku and Fukushima; this is another great event at Yoyogi Park near Shibuya, Tokyo. Visit the market and  the Stage for the Future.

Image of Rina Katahira from Fukushima Fair Mini Performace news.

7/6sat 片平里菜の出演が決定しました!


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