Heavy Snow - Again

Unusual amount of snow again this weekend after last Saturday's weather. I took a couple of photos with my old gara-kei (short for Galapagos keitai, the kind that was popular here 4-5 years ago). Apologies for the lousy quality, thus.

My mailman on his trusted Honda Cub, doing the peace sign as he slowly makes his rounds on un-ploughed roads here in town.

High school girls going home early, with pretty umbrellas...

The neighbours' vegetable field completely snowed over since a week ago. That's hakusai (a kind of cabbage) up front with 25-30 cm tall white "hats" and plum trees in the background.

Seibu Ikebukuru line is still running, with great delays. This is the train bound for Chichibu. Train delays here (J) updated by twitter users in the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area.


Pandabonium said…
Good weather for making some ocha and sitting down with a good read - Kawabata's Snow Country perhaps?

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