I wish I was in Hokkaido!

36 degrees hot here in the Tokyo area, and I wish I was in Hokkaido, northern Japan, where I assume it is cooler.

There is a group of bicyclists called BEE Japan (Bicycle for Everyone's Earth), a group of international members that promotes environmental awareness and green living in Japan. Their main event is the annual two month BEE ride, beginning in August, from the northern most island of Japan to the southern most.

They also have a separate English website on environmentally friendly living in Japan.

The BEE ride uses both direct action and environmental education. Their direct action includes:

* Traveling the length of Japan exclusively by bicycle
* Eating low on the food chain (vegetarian)
* Choosing organic products whenever possible
* Choosing fair trade products whenever possible
* Supporting local economies by buying local produce
* Using no vending machines
* Minimizing waste by choosing less packaged products, buying reusable, recycled and recyclable items, and using no waribashi or other disposable eating utensils.

BEE Japan blogs about their trip in English and Japanese. Lots of photos here.

Good luck!


Pandabonium said…
Cool! Well, less hot perhaps. Thanks for the links.

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