Sting: Desert Rose

I have liked Sting since he was just the bass player/singer of The Police. In Tokyo, I vividly remember Fragile - seeing this video up on the huge screen at Studio Alta, Shinjuku West Exit. I stopped right there, just having to see what he was doing, playing solo acoustic guitar (very well) with a new, smashing hair style. So good.

"Like tears from the stars"... maybe 1991?


(click to start please, since the video cannot be embedded)

And then, in September 2001, he happened to be in New York City, performing that very song....

Sting feat. Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Original video)

And now?

US causalities of Iraq and Afghanistan:
Dead: 4,569
Wounded: 31,984
Injured: 10,180
Ill (however you define that) 28,451

(As of May 7, 2008)

Iraqi deaths due to US invasion:
(Source: Just Foreign

Hat tip to Isis (thanks for the sharp focus).


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