"President Hu picks up green ideas"

China's president Hu Jintao has visited a PET bottle-recycling factory at a green industrial zone in Kawasaki, Japan. China Daily says Hu listened and took notes as Masanori Suzuki, an employee of the plant owned by JFE Group, talked about its environmental protection program.

The environment has been one of the key issues on Hu's agenda during his Japan visit. On Wednesday in Tokyo, Environment Minister Zhou Shengxian and Japan's Environment Minister Ichiro Kamoshita signed a document agreeing to cooperate on wastewater treatment projects in rural China. Pilot schemes, aimed at reducing the amount of pollutants discharged into the Yangtze River, will begin this year in Jiangsu and Chongqing. Under the agreement, Japan will set up drainage disposal facilities, including water purification tanks, in the two regions. Seminars on wastewater disposal technology will also be held in China.

JFE Group has said it will share its environmental protection expertise with some Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Guiyang.

"Hu's tour of the recycling plant might facilitate the cooperation," technician Yoshinori Kohno said. JFE Group is Japan's second largest steel-maker. Its recycling factory processes used bottles and electronics equipment. The plant's approach to recycling resources and success with environment-related projects could provide a good model for China's steel industry, Kohno said.

Hu's last engagement before boarding a flight home was a visit to the Osaka headquarters of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., among the first Japanese companies to operate in China, to observe environment-friendly technology.

China Daily: President Hu picks up green ideas

Environmental Reports at JFE Group. Created in 1954, the JFE Steel Sheet Group has 5 plants in China.

Top photo from JFE Holdings, I suppose that is the factory President Hu visited - JFE developed and commercialized the world's first integrated waste plastics recycling system, and when you throw away a PET bottle, you can only hope that it reaches JFE Kankyo Corp. where they have the technology to recycle it.

Bottom photo from Carbon Conscious Consumer: A Chinese man transports plastic bottles and containers for recycling in Haikou, China. China is the world’s third largest consumer of bottled water, according to a report released by Lester Brown's Earth Policy Institute.


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