Hug a local farmer

A farm ministry white paper on agriculture issued a strong warning Friday over an expected tightening of the supply-demand balance in the world food market, saying Japan may be significantly affected due to its low food self-sufficiency.

The fiscal 2007 white paper said the food situation for Japanese households is seeing "unprecedented changes."

If food imports become impossible, households will be unable to secure sufficient food, the report says. The solution? Hug a local farmer:

"...the report stresses that it is necessary to increase the consumption of domestically produced food while calling for the public to review its eating habits, including consuming food wastefully. Even if farm imports decline to nothing, households can secure minimum amounts of calories by switching mainstay domestic food production from meat and vegetables to potatoes, the report says, noting this will lead to a dramatic change in what is served."

The Japan Times/Kyodo: Import-dependent Japan fears food crisis: report

Meanwhile, blogger Ken E kindly offers advice for us gaijin how to survive the coming recession, with links to examples such as modern day Cuba's alternative agriculture and Masanobu Fukuoka's One-Straw Revolution.


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