Cafe Millet: Organic Food In Kyoto

Ted Taylor wrote to me and introduced me to his article about Cafe Millet, a place I'd really like to visit:

The organic food movement in Japan is by no means new. The current interest originated a decade ago with middle aged women who, watching many men of their generation succumb to cancer and heart disease, began to take a greater interest in the source of their food. What makes Cafe Millet special is that everything served is grown in the surrounding fields and gardens. This has greater benefits than simple delicious ingredients. “I feel great happiness in reaping the blessings of a life lived naturally, and not being occupied with doing business but instead, simply living. Around food we can create a community out of all sorts of people, of any age or occupation,” Juri says. “With money, we can quickly accomplish just about anything. But I find much more value in time spent in the present, with family and neighbors. Plus being able to live according to the rhythms of nature, amidst food growing all around you, it is easy to pass the time in an valuable way.”

Working together as a couple has many benefits. While Juri is responsible for what appears on the table, Atsushi provides the materials. “How vegetables are grown is important, of course, but the fact that they are organic vegetables made without pesticides is not the only important information. We also need to consider the manner in which they are sold, the environment where the vegetables grow, the methods of the farmers. We must ask questions like, ‘What nutrients are there?’ ‘What is most effective?’ ‘Where was it produced?’ ‘At what cost?’ And for us, the most important question is, “Does the food have soul?”

For directions and workshop information check their website (Japanese only). Here is a map.

Text by Ted Taylor.
Pictures courtesy of Cafe Millet.

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Read the entire article here: Cafe Millet


Hi there,

I've seen this cafe on TV and in a magazine.

It sounds really good.

Nice that it's just up the road.

Pandabonium said…
Cool. Last weekend we found a nice place in Mito City, Ibaraki, called "Salon de thé" which serves coffees and teas from all around the world along with an organic vegetarian menu of foods. So happy to find these kinds of restaurants.
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks for the comments.

Ko, you have an impressive blog.

P, I hope to read about the "Salon de thé" and get your impressions (anf photos). My impression is that there are a lot of interesting people - not only in Tokyo or other big cities - but all over Japan doing amazing things to promote unique venues and menues.

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