Urgenci Japan Symposium In Kobe

February 18th to 22nd 2010, Urgenci’s IVth International Symposium will take place in Kobe and the Kansai Area in Japan.

This is the first time that Urgenci’s Symposium and General Assembly will be held outside Europe. This is indeed a major change, which should give us the opportunity to foster and strengthen the internationalization of our network.

The Urgenci International Symposium will include the following three main events:

1- An Organic Tour to the oldest and most representative Teikei will take place on Feb. 18th to 19th. This will definitely be the place to be for all those who want to go back to the source of the international LSPPC movement. The International Committee members will take part in some of the field visits programmed throughout the Organic Tour.

2- The International Symposium itself will be held Feb. 20th and 21st, in Kobe Gakuen University. There will be both plenary sessions and working groups on major LSPPC (Teikei/CSA/AMAP) –related issues. There will be numerous and much expected ”stories from the field.”

3- The Urgenci General Assembly will be held Feb. 22nd in Kobe Gakuen University.

URGENCI brings citizens, small farmers, consumers, activists and concerned political actors together at global level through an alternative economic approach called Local Solidarity Partnerships between Producers and Consumers (LSPPC):

Some examples of LSPPC:

* AMAP in France
* CSA in the Anglo-Saxon countries
* ASC in Quebec
* Teikeis in Japan
* Reciproco in Portugal

Urgenci English website
JOAA website (in Japanese)
Teikei System (in English) The producer-consumer co-partnership and the Movement of the Japan Organic Agriculture Association: Country Report for the First IFOAM Asian Conference, August 19-22, 1993 in Hanno, Saitama, Japan


Pandabonium said…
The good news is, no matter what happens we'll never go hungry 'cause we can always eat the alphabet soup these organizations dream up:
LSPPC AMAP CSA ASC JOAA...javascript:void(0)
Martin J Frid said…
Haha, good one.

LSPPC is explained in the text, and CSA is a fairly well known term (Community Supported Agriculture). The French terms I don't think we need to worry about, they mean the same thing.

JOAA is the name of Japan Organic Agriculture Association. IFOAM is the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements...

Teikei is a proper word, the kanji is 提携, which in Japanese means "cooperation", "joint business", or "link-up".
Pandabonium said…
I did follow the link and learned all the acronyms, but it seems to me that if an organization is trying to reach the public, they need to drop the internal jargon as much as possible and speak/write in plain language.

Pet peeve of mine as you know. :p

I should also say that I do support the URGENCI aggenda.

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