Cocco - Thread In The Dense Forest

樹海の糸 Jyukai no Ito (Thread in the dense forest) by Cocco, an artist born in Naha, Okinawa. She performed as part of the global Live Earth concert in Japan, 2007.

Japanese lyrics available on the YouTube page of this very special song, here.

Jyukai - dense, old growth forest with huge trees and wildlife. I'm thinking ancient druids in Europe, the Amazon, Yakushima, and shinto shrines in the mountains... and hope to hear your views on this and other songs by Cocco. Polomerria is such a gem too.

Artists and singers like Cocco are so important for the message of environmental protection and biological diversity - in this case the dense forests - and how the issues are connected to people. Okinawa in particular and all the islands have such amazing, untouched forests and beaches and tropical coral reefs, with fish that most of us have just seen in small aquariums. Singing about how it connects to your feelings, your love, your passion, is truly for the gifted artist, like Cocco.


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