Emperor Akihito Speech, Please Be Kind To Each Other

In a very rare occasion, Emperor Akihito has made a heartfelt speech with his messages to the victims of the eartquake and tsunami. He also expresses his respect for the brave men who are trying to deal with the nuclear reactors. And he asks of all of us here in Japan, "to be kind to each other."

NHK World video of Emperor Akihito

Japan's Emperor Akihito has delivered a video message to express sympathy for people affected by Friday's devastating earthquake and call for concerted efforts to overcome hardships.

The speech on Wednesday was the first in which the Emperor expressed his feelings on video.

He said the death toll has been increasing daily and that it is not clear how far it will rise. He said he hopes the safety of as many people as possible is confirmed.

He expressed deep concern about the situation of the quake-hit nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, and said he hopes related people's efforts will prevent the situation from worsening.

The Emperor said he hopes from his heart that all people will pull together and care for each other to survive during this difficult time.

He expressed a wish that affected people will never give up hope and will take care of themselves to continue their lives.

The Emperor also expressed hope that everyone in the country will continue to monitor the process of rebuilding affected areas.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 19:20


Pandabonium said…
I'm sorry, but I find no hope or comfort in the words of this man. What is he but a figurehead? The legacy of his family is one of war and destruction and suffering - and they have the gall to call his father's reign the "peace" era.

His life is one of comfort and riches. What effect can he have on our lives or on those who suffer now? He is living a life of luxury thanks to the wrongs of his forbears. His nice speech is totally empty to me. It rings hollow.

I dare not write what I feel when I hear words like these coming from a person in his position. It isn't nice, I can tell you.
tommy said…
I wonder which side of the bed the person above me woke up from.

Anyhow, it's nice to hear these encouraging words in the face of negativity from many. The people of Japan need the world's assistance now more than ever.

Japan has been one of the biggest world donors in times of peace and in times of tragedy. Now is the time to return the favor.

All petty politics and arguments are unnecessary.
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks P and T, you both hit the nail on the head, in your own ways! This is what I like about blogging at a time like this. I hope we can all share thoughts & feelings and grow stronger with this experience.

Let me also share a couple of lines I just got from Jean in an email:

"The slow tortuous handling of the situation is the worst part, I think, combined with our collective, understandable, survival-based mostly submerged fear of atomic fallout. I feel like I did when the Gulf was under siege from the Oil Spill and during Hurricane Katrina. All of these disasters could have been prevented, if not for greed and negligence." Thanks!
Tom O said…
I think most Japanese know the score here, they can only really rely on/trust themselves. Brit reporters in Japan - for most their first time there - have been totally astounded by the generosity. Some of them will never look at a 'mere' packet of biscuits in the same way again.

Our connection with Japan is not because of people who 'look down'. We all care and know why.
Pandabonium said…
Tommy - I'm judgmental no matter which side of bed I get up on. It isn't politics it's morality. We disagree, but we are both making a judgment.

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