Extreme Flooding Along The Coast Due To Earthquake And Tsunami

Huge areas along the coast of north-eastern Japan are flooded. Mostly small towns, in isolated areas, but also the coastal part of Sendai City (while central areas may be ok).

NHK had some rather disturbing "before-and-after" images from towns like 宮古 Miyako (bottom image) 南三陸町 Minami Sanriku-cho in northern Miyagi Prefecture (center), and 新地市 Shinchi-shi in Fukushima Prefecture (top image, that is supposed to be a station, now all immersed in sea water and debris). Large amounts of people are not accounted for in these small towns.

Shinchi station on the Joban line Wikipedia page here.

Train line between Nagano and Niigata Prefecture also destroyed.

I'll update this as I learn more.


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