Ganbare, Japan!

MSN had this image as its top news on Sunday evening, conveying the message from The Independent, the UK newspaper. Ganbare of course means "fight" or "hang in there, do your best" and it is such a positive message. Not forgetting all other natural disasters, this is one for the history books.

Where I am living, we are facing planned electricity shortages on Monday, as the 10 reactors in Fukushima are not up and running for obvious reasons.

I got a great reply from my editor at Kodansha, who summed it up like this:

大丈夫です この地震できっと日本はいい方向に国が変わると思います

"We are ok, I think this earthquake will be a great opportunity to change Japan in a good way."

The message from The Independent is: "Don't give up Japan, Don't give up Tohoku!"

Thank you!!


Anonymous said…
I wish you well and that it is possible for Japan to bring in a lot of good changes after this devastation and traumatic event.

I googled heritage seeds and japan and found my way here ... I have a homage to the Seed blog in Brisbane, Australia... and wanted to see how it is for the eco -sustainability, food growers of Japan.

I wish you very well and hope you are safe and were thinking of everyone over there so much at this time!
Anonymous said…
That message it's one of the best things I've read about all this!.

I hope everything is well with all of you there. Please update your situation now and then when you can.

My thoughts are there. :)

Take care.
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks for your wonderful comments.

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